Casual Observations

We face a future
where all
we can be certain of
is uncertainty.

The future is wide open.

The possibilities are endless.

There is more to what could happen
than what anyone could plan.

There is more to what makes sense
than what anyone could understand.

There is more to reality
than what anyone could percieve.

There is more to the Truth
than what anyone could believe.

While you are busy inside your mind
trying to decide what life should be,

Life is busy outside your mind
just being what it is.

No matter what it is,
no matter what we think it should be,
no matter what we think it could be,
no matter what we think it would be,
it is what it is.

The measure of the difference
between what life is
and how we wish things were different
will gauge the amount of one's
mental or emotional suffering.

One cannot control what life will be.
All one can control is
how one reacts to what life will be.

Everyone sees life from a different angle,
both in terms of physical space,
as well as the parameters
of the philosophical mind.

Original Writings by Rick Imamoto