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whenever you are worried
about what might happen
remember it might not happen

without uncertainty
it would not be possible for things
to get better

ncaa men's basketball prediction

gonzaga to win it all

you are not the center of the universe
you are the center of your own awareness

what we really need to control is our own need to control

the amount of difference between
the way we want things to be
and the way things are
will be equal to the amount
of our personal frustration

shit happens

when emotions are stronger than the mind

we cannot see the wind itself
we only see its effect
in what it blows around

perhaps the only thing
it would be possible for everybody to agree upon
is that we will disagree

although there would be those
who would argue with that

if your mind does not control your fear
your fear will end up controlling your mind

to avoid frustration

avoid wishing things were different

our reality is defined by what we percieve
with the resulting ideas we may concieve
determined by what we have chosen to believe
as karma decides what we shall recieve

ideas of deservedness
only exist inside the mind

outside the mind
everyone gets whatever they get

after differences
whatever bond that remains
will only be as strong
as the ability to forgive

peace begins within

if we face uncertainty without faith
what we will find is fear

if we face uncertainty without fear
what we will find is faith

more to the Truth than what we can believe
more to reality than what we can percieve
more to what makes sense than what we understand
more to what could happen than what we might have planned

basic elements of life are common

each experience is found to be different
within specific characteristics

if we cannot change what life is
into what we want

then we need to change what we want
into what life is

all have things to live with
all have things to live without

through whatever personal hardships
we may have endured as individuals
we have discovered
that we are capable of
handling much more
than we ever dreamed to be possible

while we are busy inside our minds
trying to decide what life should be

life is busy outside our minds
just being what it is

we never know
what people really are

all we really know
is how we choose to judge them

every life is less than everything
every life is more than nothing

nothing is everything
but nothing is nothing
because everything is something


no sense in playing nice games
with those who want to play mean games

no sense in playing mean games
with those who want to play nice games

we may never be equal
within our perceptions
and judgements
of one another

every life
may carry
unique value
and equal importance
within the heart of the Creator

the meaning of your life
may be found within
whatever would not have existed
without you

perhaps we all have
reasons for being
whatever we are

some things in life
are too difficult to understand

perhaps we all have
some things in life
and reasons for being
too difficult to understand

whatever we are

kuryosity makes you wonder...

"all my dreams... pass before my eyes... a kuryosity"

kansas, "dust in the wind"

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