Rick Imamoto - 2001

George Harrison, the quintessential mystic of popular music, has passed away at the age of 58 after a long battle with cancer. Contradictory to his label as "the quiet Beatle." Harrison's spiritual wisdom and musical prowess spoke volumes, as he and the Beatles would play a role in World History as a bridge that transcended cultural bases, first connecting America with British Invasion, and then later fusing elements of Western and Eastern philosophies.

George passed from our realm in a similar manner to which he existed within it, full of spiritualism, with love and peace. Unlike the passing of bandmate John Lennon, Harrison's death has not left us with feelings of shock and anger, but instead with a sort of sadness experienced with the passing of a cultural icon and hero from our path.

Although he was often overshadowed by the enormous songwriting talents of Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney, Harrison was arguably the most prolific Beatle in terms of musical craftmanship. Much of Harrison's songwriting stood up well next to John's and Paul's songs as evidenced by the biting riffs of "Taxman" as well as the spiritual awakenings found in "Here Comes the Sun" and of course the romanticism of "Something." - a song that none other than Frank Sinatra deemed as being "the greatest love song ever written." Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" was the first solo Beatle song to hit number one on the British charts as the song's melodic, spiritual essence epitomized George's geniune connection with our Creator.

Emerson once wrote that one finds success in the idea of the world being a better place because one lived.

George Harrison's contributions to society were immense and immeasurable, most definitely far from "quiet." The so-called "quiet Beatle" expressed himself in delicately melodic tones flavored by his spirit with his guitar, with his voice, with his mind, from his heart, from his soul.

The man who brought magic and mysticism to the Beatles has passed. As all things must.

God bless you, George Harrison.


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