Nothing is nothing
Nothing can be everything
All things are something

We all have reasons
For being what we have been
Mysteries of life

Many points of view
All from different angles
In both mind and space

More than what we know
Divine truth is out of reach
Limit to belief

To want what you get
Nature compensates fairly
More than what we know

For me not to know
As with my fair share of doubt
Still, I have beliefs

To go with the flow
Trust in change to be brought forth
Have faith in nature

Many illusions
What is what it seems to be?
No, not much at all

How soon becomes then
the present becomes the past
future becomes now

Mysterious ways
Could never truly be known
Mystery to me

Truth be understood
Mistakes in human judgement
If only God knows

Honesty and Truth
Two separate elements
Honest mistakes made

Only God knows Truth
Whole Truth and nothing but Truth
Yes, so help me God


Original Writings by Rick Imamoto