In Honor of Family and Friends
Rick Imamoto - July 2001


in rememberance of the days gone past
when we felt the good times would always last
but now those times they seem so far
and we deal with things the way they are

we sit and watch the children grow
we relearn the things we've always known
some beauty fades as life goes on
our memories replace what has been gone

i've always loved you from the start
a permanent place within my heart
no matter what we shall ever go through
know that i will always love you

we've all had times as cold as ice
each has had their share of paradise

in each mistake of woman and man
we must remember it was part of the plan
and question not what's in God's will
and hold tight to our faith until
every bit of Truth is unfurled
and the Glory of God is revealed to the World

when it comes the time for me to pass
remember the good times that couldn't last
for in my heart they shall pass never
we have a bond that shall last forever

for whatever suffering in the end
we shall be lucky cause we had friends
for however may these words ring true
know that i will always love you


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