Rick Imamoto - August 2000 (rewrite)


don't lose heart
through the struggle and the strife
there may be no such thing
that is a perfect life

there were times when you were lucky
times when you were sweet
times of bad misfortune
and times when you would weep

you know you had it good
you know you had it bad
try harder to remember
the better times you had

you might hear about it all
if you only stopped and listened
in each and every life
there's always something missin' 

it doesn't always matter
in our beliefs of things we see
it seems as if not much
is as it seems to be

i'm not creating any laws
i'm not making up a rule
but some glasses are half empty
and the rest are all half full 

everybody's dreams
sometimes fall and stumble
perhaps nature opposes the proud
and gives its grace to the humble

if you're feeling like your life
is haunted by a curse
try harder to remember
somebody else has got it worse

to expect a perfect life
is game we will never win
whenever things go wrong
it's time to begin again


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