Rick Imamoto - October 2001


mothers weeping over graves
praying for the blood that humanity craves
carrying on, seemingly unfazed
as we head into the End of Days

so much destruction and confusion
so many beliefs are just a delusion
for the sake of all these twisted beliefs
life is taken just like a thief

beliefs that people kill and die for
beliefs that make us mourn and cry more
how much value do these beliefs possess
in light of damages been accessed

what i can see
in spite of my sadness
people need targets
to hit with their madness

belief is the weapon
that they choose
belief is the excuse
that they use

they use their beliefs
as a measure of approval
what is unapproved
shall face a removal

conflict of beliefs
over what is right and what is wrong
shall go on and on and on and on
until everything is completely gone

i'm not against
the freedom of belief
until a belief takes life
just like a thief

battles over belief
have always been fought
but its hard to believe
this is what God would want

when people's beliefs
become a license to kill
leaving promises unfulfilled
i cannot believe this would be God's will


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