Rick Imamoto - 28 April 2004

dreams pass us by
as our bodies grow older
burdens we carry
weigh in on our shoulders

we find our spirits
become a little less bolder
while we try not to let life
make our hearts grow colder

when it's all over
we'll see no one has won
except for the times
when we had fun

ideas of what's wrong
ideas of what's right
perceptions from people
without any insight

no need to control
with all your might
trust that things
will be alright

there may be some things
that we'll never know
cut loose your fear
and let it all go

find some peace
within your soul
plant seeds of hope
and let it grow

what we give
is what we recieve
when we express words of falseness
it's ourselves we decieve

there's more to the Truth
than what we believe
there's more to life
than what we percieve

there's more to the picture
than what we're able to see
there's more to what is
than ideas of what should be

forget those ideas
so your mind can be free
free to see
what life can be


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