Rick Imamoto - March 2003


we all get a number
we all get a name
we all get described
in the labels game

some labels give you credit
others place the blame
some embrace the labels
some are never the same

maybe they missed it
this time around
don't let the labels
drag you down

they'll label you a genius
they'll label you as dumb
they'll label you a king
they'll label you a bum

they'll label you as crazy
they'll label you as sane
some labels are like sunshine
others fall like rain

carry on
beneath the labels
people put upon you
keep in mind these labels
are not always true

sometimes it gets so hard
when they do not have a clue
it's just part of life
there's nothing you can do

maybe they'll get it
the next time around
don't let the labels
drag you down

beneath all the labels
you are what you are
don't let people's labels
tell you what you are


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