Rick Imamoto - 24 September 2001

i say this for you, i say this for me
in recent days, it has come to be
in judgment passed against the free

horrendous actions have been taken
illusions of safety have been shaken
so many lost who will never awaken

we shed our tears for those now gone
we gather together and try to be strong
we pick up the pieces and we carry o

and in the midst of wondering why
all of a sudden, i realize
in the endless conflicts between "us" and "them"
this always happens when people condemn

in the face of this suffering, it is understood
that maybe none of us is completely good
for all of us who carry a grudge
in result of suffering for how we've been judge

in light of actions recently been taken
as a result of judgement so badly mistaken

let us remember

none of us lives a life without sin
understanding this, let us begin
if we can find in our hearts, somewhere within
to avoid further battles that no one shall win

because human perceptions
are unmistakably flawed
the sole judgement that matters
belongs purely to God


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