Rick Imamoto - August 2001

losing ideas of what life should be
hoping to lose expectations so we can be free
trying to be happy with the way that things are
it ain't always great, but it ain't always that hard

i see your hopes and your dreams and your expectation
some without reason or some explanation
your wishes and desires are all fine and good
you'd enjoy what you have if only you could

what's stopping you from loving what your life brings you
it's the expectations that come from deep down within you
there's no sense in pouting over what you don't get
make the most of what happens or be lost in regret

in spite of your own little twisted perceptions
life is what it is without any exceptions
the world's not required to meet your approval
your ego is what really needs a removal

take a deep breath and get over yourself
put your expectations up on a shelf
for reasons that we won't always understand
sometimes our desires don't fit in God's plan

your false expectations lead you to strife
but there's not much wrong with what happens in life
for so many reasons that we'll never see
life is exactly what it's supposed to be

maybe my viewpoint can seem a bit strange
but we need to accept what we cannot change
whenever your life seems far below par
why not make the most out of whatever things are

so could we be happy with what we receive
this may be something you don't wanna believe
our expectations are just our desires projecting
if we're unhappy with life, it's the Truth we're rejecting


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