Rick Imamoto - July 2001


perceptions may change
with the passing of time
with no evident reasons
or rhythm or rhyme

a journey of life
crossing the line
we set out to seek
what we shall find

we look to our future
and ignore our regret
while we attempt to escape
what we cannot forget

with a heartfelt embrace
and a warm tender kiss
we search for a path
that will lead us to bliss

we may be encountered
with fear of the unknown
some mysteries beyond
anything we’ve been shown

we must avoid any pitfalls
that lead us to fear
that dark place we go to
when things are not clear

in the face of uncertainty
we must keep our faith
our belief of the future
may determine our fate

rise above the confusion
the ignorance and hate
that puts this old world
in such a sad state

when things that they say
are beyond comprehension
express yourself truly
without apprehension

when things people do
can seem so uncouth
we must hold our heads high
and have faith in the Truth


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