Rick Imamoto

In avoidance of repercussions from the sins of presidents,
puppets, paupers, pirates, poets, pawns, and kings
(judgement is a double edged sword)

For those whom passion has betrayed


let there be forgiveness within hearts
and understanding within minds
so that we may able to progress into future days
without the cancerous elements
of pain, fear, and hate
while holding on to hopes
for happiness, prosperity, and peace

may there come a day
when the need to feel superior
fades into irrelevance
and the living
no longer point fingers of blame at others
bringing to fruition
an era in which
the self righteous step off the high horses
that are but a hollow foundation of false moral posturing

may this day come
before the repression and denial
of ingrained human instincts
which would cause these high horses to rear back upon their heels
and propel their riders into puddles of shame
collected from the tears of the riders own hypocrisy

it has been stated
in terms of karmic checks and balances
in the old adage of what comes around goes around

that those who condemn and criticize their fellow humans
in regard to unintended human mistakes and error
will soon find themselves tested
by their own petty judgements and resulting malicious action

as those not considered saints shall find redemption
within the understanding that perfection is unattainable
and the knowledge that no one is completely pure

and so may it be in days to come


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