Rick Imamoto - 1 January 2000


to extend beyond the previous limitations
of the great expanse of human imagination

because we must always have progress

to reach past the edges
of the collective consciousness
breaking new ground and establishing renewable borders
upon the endless possibilities

because there is so much to discover

to overcome the inherent vulnerability
and resulting flaws
present in our personal perceptions of the life around us
enabling us all to find an objective understanding
within ourselves and that which surrounds us

because we must establish an order of universal truth

to abandon the egotistical desire
to claim superiority or dominance over one another
and instead seek equality amongst ourselves

because that which is not balanced shall soon tumble and fall

to find hope in uncertainty

because those who have hope have everything

to find perserverance in adversity

because life goes on

to find resilience in defeat

because we cannot win them all

to find cohesiveness amongst a world so divided
because to function at our full capabilities we must have peace
at once
on the physical plane
as well as
the emotional realm
and including
the intellectual mind

it is among these countless opportunities
that present themselves before humanity
upon the dawn of the new millenium

may all
find contentment within their hearts
and may peace be bestowed upon
the minds of every living creature
as well as the souls of those passed on

so let it be

so let it be

a new day is dawning
let the new era begin


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