Rick Imamoto - 1 April 2003


allow us
to follow thee Lord
like a moth to Eternal Flame

may your Truth
shine its light for all to see

carry us
beyond this grave conflict
of opposing Faith

guide us
through uncertain times
by instilling Faith within our hearts

free us all
from chains of fear, anger and hate
by inspiring hope
and strengthening our will and determination
to live in freedom

liberate our minds
from complacent judgement
and unwarranted assuredness
that unwittingly
leads to malicious intent

allow our perception
to see beyond
the countless illusions of life
shattering barriers
of false belief

light up shadows
that lurk within lost souls
raise spirits high
above differences
that divide this troubled world

let there come a day
when there is peace
in all the land
a land without fear
a land without suffering

Thy Kingdom Come
Thy Will Be Done
On Earth
As is in Heaven


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