The Search for Eternity

Rewrite by Rick Imamoto on 17 January 2005

of the endless sky
upon the horizon

warm rays
of amber sunlight
find their way
through the afternoon

while kissing
distant lands
with misty drops
of melancholy rain

we make our way
through the endless journey
the search for eternity

seeking out
that timeless space
where there is only
you and i

while the rest
of the universe
from our consciousness

orb of golden sun
swallowed by a restless sea
the velvet skin
of your face
nuzzles against my neck
as we absorb
the brilliant colors
spread throughout
the glowing sky

we await
the first glimpse
of the evening's promise
of the moon
i draw your body
close to mine
as our foreheads meet
in gentle splendor

to your heart
stare deeply
into mine
the deepest
recesses of my soul

as our spirits blend gracefully
to be together
once again

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