Rick Imamoto - 8 January 2004


we never know
what will happen in the next moment
until it passes us by

we must have faith
as we face a future full of uncertainty

we must overcome
fear and doubt
and hold on to hope and belief
in the will of God

there are those who say
that everything happens for a reason

some things in life
are beyond human comprehension

in this realm distorted by conflict
it has become apparent
that security is exclusively attained
from within the spirit

to wish no suffering
upon anyone in the world
is to become a piece of the puzzle
that shall lead us to prosper in peace

in terms of mind and space
we all perceive life from different angles
at any given point in time

none of us can decide
what makes sense for everyone

we can only decide
what makes sense to us as individuals

there is always a difference between
the way we all see things
the way things truly are

there is more to the picture
than what we are aware of

we are perceiving things
that are not really there

there have been times
in all our lives
when we were sure we were right
and we turned out to be mistaken

we are not always aware
of when we are wrong

there is always the possiblity
of us being mistaken
without our realization

there is always a difference between
the way life seems to us
what life truly is

nothing is what it seems

only God knows the Truth
the whole Truth
and nothing but the Truth
so help me, God

none of us knows the whole Truth
there is so much beyond
our awareness and comprehension

none of us knows nothing but the Truth
because we have all been wrong before

knowledge without comprehension
is like liquid without moisture

so help me, God



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