The Sons and Daughters of Liberty
Rick Imamoto
13 September 2001 - Rewrite - 21 January 2005

thy kingdom come, thy will be done
perhaps the trouble has only begun
buildings in ruins in a dusky haze
as we stumble into the end of days

don't worry what the world may bring
get it done, do your thing
despite all the suffering and the occasional tear
gather your courage, say no to fear

no matter how dangerous this world may become
no one shall rob us of our freedom
in spite of anything that may have gone wrong
the home of the brave shall come back strong

let it be known we are far from finished
and our spirit shall never be diminished
for every lost sister, brother or friend
there shall be a price to be paid in the end

in the face of battles lost and won
after all is said and done
no matter how difficult things may be
it shall be clear for all to see
the American People shall forever be
the Sons and Daughters of Liberty

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