Rick Imamoto - 5 May 2004


delusions of the truth
cause some to be uncouth

don't matter what you feel
if to them it's not real

the way they judge drives them to madness
hearts go cold and fill with sadness

their madness only leads to hate
suffering will come if it's not too late

they try to remove
things they do not approve

if they say you don't belong
soon you will be gone

what good is their belief
if it only brings grief?

let's not label them as bad
let's not let them drive us mad

beyond the unknown
there are ways mysterious
wondering only makes you kuryous

let's not be falling prey to fear
no matter what we see or hear

is there no better way to cope
than to face uncertainty with hope?

i wish that we could take a stand
without harm to any woman or man

could we free our minds from hate
before we run out of time and it's too late?

if conflict becomes escalated
the world could be annihilated

though it may be out of fashion
there is nothing wrong with compassion

to wish no suffering upon others
could bring peace to all sisters and all brothers

each of us
one individual within one world

all of us
one world within one universe

dreaming of a time

when humanity
no longer imposes its will
upon the nature of the Creator

as the divine dimension of
what is
shall always supercede
ideas of what should be

heaven and hell are states of mind
take a look inside and see what you will find

perhaps someday suffering will cease
and all of us can live in peace


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