when the birds stopped singin'

rick imamoto, 2003

the birds they stopped singin'
because the bullets are stingin'
sirens keep ringin'
as the killahs are wingin'

another mama cries
as her little boy dies
let's hope his spirit flies
in much friendlier skies

i ain't gonna fool ya
i ain't out to rule ya
i'm not here to school ya
i just want the world to be a bit coolah

don't let your anger undo ya
or the authorites will pull ya
and then they'll subdue ya
while you wish they were coolah

just try to sit back
and let it all be
maybe someday
you'll be able to see
a prison of hate
is nowhere to be
much better off
if you're livin' free

my voice is obscure
but i may have a cure
for what victims endure
but there's no way to ensure
anything will be done
until we've begun
to live life as one

from the west to the east
for all beauties and all beasts
the suffering will increase
until we have peace

i ain't gonna fool ya
i'm not out to rule ya
i just wish the world
would be a bit coolah

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